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Refer To Own Program

Refer to Own Program is an initiative of RB Global Holdings to help every Filipino around the world to own a property as an investment and ultimately accumulate wealth for themselves and their loved ones.

Why is it essential to take action NOW?

a. First Mover advantage. UNA ka!
b. First of its Kind
c. Partnership with Strong Developers
d. Lifetime Membership
e. Hassle Free Online Transactions
f. Systematic Guide for Product Offering
g. Best Timing
h. Its a win-win situation Lastly, you will be able to own a property with just encouraging your friends to save and start investing on their future.

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Featured Property


Vista Shaw is a 2-tower mixed use development which offers an exclusive view of one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world, Wack Wack Golf & Country Club. Situated in the prominent address of Wack Wack, Vista Shaw has a complete array of units from studio to 2-bedroom units that would cater to all family sizes and investors looking at a good return of investment. It has a total of 38 levels plus 3 basement parking levels and a 39th floor dedicated for amenities. Its grand lobby is part of the Laurel Mansion. (Home of former President Jose P. Laurel & Vice President Salvador Laurel). It is 3Km from Makati, 3Km from Quezon City, 2Km from Ortigas and 4Km from Bonifacio Global City.

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FREE Money Making Muscles book

Do you want to know why RB Global Trainings are sought after?

What to get a free book that explains it?

But wait, just so you know, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

If you do not want to transcend your safe zone and have a step by step guide how to go to your courageous zone then this is not for you.

This is for people who wants to develop smart habits and be productive while riding the MRT, waiting in the cue or while doing errands in the bank.

This is for people who aims to transform and break from the vicious cycle.

This is for people who wants an easy read, practical guide on gearing towards a BETTER and RICHER you.

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The RB Global Standard

Our ultimate goal is to help all our investors who are investing in Philippine Real Estate to “Profit Upon Purchase” and to “Exit With 100% Certainty”. At the same, RB Global Holdings strongly believe that value creation is key to all investments. In order to create that value for our investors, we currently have offices in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia….

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Why Property Investing?

Have you started growing your wealth?

We only do one thing with our money, we SPEND it. The difference occurs when the spending gives us a yield (INVESTMENT) or we just consume it (food, clothes).

In RB Global Holdings, we help you invest/park your money on profitable ventures for you to ultimately gain financial freedom.

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